Managing E-Learning Courses

Manage and train your team with our easy to use online LMS!

We provide you a cloud-based LMS system which is fully customizable as per your requirements. Let the course seekers have a new learning experience. Our cloud-based learning management system comes with a vast set of features. Launch your learning courses with quick set-up option!

Simplify teaching with the latest technology!

Take your learners to a new world of online classroom experience.

What's special about us

The features and advanced functionalities let the education to flow freely with a module-module approach!

Mobile-friendly eco-system

Our LMS system is built to perform well in all mobile devices regardless of its platform and compatibility.

Completely customizable

Complete LMS learning system is open for customizability and open for any changes as per the requirements.

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage the content of your course material using our CMS feature as well as just drag & drop to proceed further.

Business insights

Every data used in the e-learning system is used to analyze the learning flow, learner’s engagements, their progress, their performance analysis, how many have achieved the desired goal and much more. These data provide useful insights to the admin with accurate information.

Convenience & accessibility

We’ve designed the e-learning system in a way to suit every people regardless of their age and other factors. A simple design with access to all the navigation panels keeps our system more user-friendly and high performance!

Shielded with high-secure layers

To make sure there is no threat in terms of security, multiple layers of security measures are taken into consideration and compliance to such functionalities are also provided. From basic levels of security to critical data security is made sure by providing GDPR compliance, 2FA layer, etc.

Administrate & collaborate – Mark their online presence virtually!

Educators can easily manage their beloved students or employees or trainees using e-learning admin tools integrated with the package. Administrate complete training by providing useful tasks with collaborate assignments and projects model to make sure their activeness in the learning.