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Let us explain the process individually for better clarification.

"Provide Help", is the initial stage of the plan where MMM Plan progresses with a request to the system. User has to fix an amount that is needed to be provided to provide help option, he/she have to contribute the amount to the system. The user who provides help will get Mavro of about 30% of the amount after confirmed receipts, here "Mavro" is the potential unit or the counting numbers of how much provide help one have made to other users in the plan. Usually, the Mavro growth can be set by the admin of the plan and usually about 1 - 3.33% growth is given as the initial part and later own it accumulates to match the summed growth rate. Then, the created request will be in a queue which is to be processed by the system i.e., automatic program.

Henceforth the plan is more interesting to make the members active and the only thing to take care of is that a proper guidance is necessary to maintain the flow of marketing model. That's how simple the plan is.